A dark comedy about a week in the lives of an actor/waiter, a mildly sociopathic Brooklynite, a Greek soap star, a Texan beauty and their epic Greek boss.


inbetween web series one pageAs the busy Sunday night at the Greek Restaurant SOFI’s progresses, Dean is being advanced on by a tipsy porn-star Tanya, Tom battles an old patron nemesis – Mrs. Horrowitz and Nikos makes his advances on a married and pregnant high-powered producer of  a popular TV show.  In search for her true self Kate has recently started moonlighting as a hostess at the restaurant – a thorn in the eye of her much older husband George, a powerful high-roller Oil magnate, who views his wife more as a trophy than a partner in life and wouldn’t think twice to put her in her place. Kate’s defiance has been craftily encouraged by the larger than life SOFI’s owner – Doris, in an attempt to bring discord amongst the newlyweds and possible chance with George herself. The following week arrives with even more hijinks for some of our heroes.
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Get to know the characters

INBETWEEN Characters

Click here to learn about the characters on the show: Dean Kinski, Kate Kostas, Tom Besian, Nikos Tsarras, Doris Pappas, Jimmy Kottas, Chef Manny ‘Paquiao’ Perez, Betty Frears, Greg Frears and Mrs. Horrowitz.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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